Ally The Fiddle Titel" I play a six string electric violin by 'Fidelius'.
Since 2016 it's never out of my hands! It is incredibly easy to handle and has a pleasantly easy and round sound in itself.

It requires no further frequency filter and masters the lows as gallantly as the highs."

- Ally Storch  

Rock Violinist with Ally the Fiddle



Benni Cellini

"Ever since I met Uli Schwabe (Fidelius), I no longer need to look for any other Electric Celli. The Fidelius E Cello has a perfect sound, it's very comfortable and easy to play. It has a very extravagante body and is a very well hand crafted instrument. I'm absolutely happy with my Fidelius Cello".


- Benni Cellini

Cellist with Land ÜberLetzte Instanz