Solid wooden frame construction guarantees:

• No feedback (Howl-round) as there is no acoustic sound-box.
• No tonal loss or distortion, by directly amplifying wood resonance without air sound or sympathetic vibration from sound-box.
• A happier neighborhood while you are practicing new material at a muted volume.

The Fidelius bridge pickup provides:
• A strong balanced signal from high impedance piezo crystal and a high degree of separation due to individual string amplification.
• No need for battery powered pre-amplification – no signal loss due to low battery power.
As the transducer works on string pressure, it provides a great range of dynamics while playing. High quality Strings on each instrument guarantees warm and strong sound using Superflexible Thomastic strings.

Violin String tunings:

4 string = G-D-A-E
5 string = C-G-D-A-E / F-C-G-D-A
6 string = F-C-G-D-A-E

7 string = Bb-F-C-G-D-A-E

8 string = Eb-Bb-F-C-G-D-A-E


String tuning for the Octave Violin:

4 string = G-D-A-E


String tuning for E. Cello:

4 string = C-G-D-A

5 string = C-G-D-A-E / F-C-G-D-A

All Models are fitted with a solid ebony fingerboard and nut. A solid ebony chinrest is also fitted as standard, unless specified differently.
Effortless tuning…

• The T range violins are equipped with groover mini machine heads in chrome, gold or black finish. The position of machine heads, between bridge and chin-rest provides a lighter neck and a better balanced instrument for most players.

• The F range of instruments are fitted with the same machine heads as the T range but can be found in the traditional position at the end of the neck. The F range also uses a lightweight alloy tuner tailpiece behind the bridge on the 4 or 5 string models.

• The F-Trad. range is fitted with Wittner fine tuning pegs

• The Octave Violin is equipped with groover mini machine heads.

• The E-Cello is equipped with groover bass machine heads.


Model Tuning Price
Fidelius E Cello 5 String C-G-D-A-E or   F-C-G-D-A € 6.000
Fidelius E Cello 4 String C-G-D-A € 5.500
Octave Fidelius F-4 String G-D-A-E    € 1.520
T-6 String Teufels violin 6 String
F-C-G-D-A-E    € 1.870
T-5 String Teufels violin 5 String
C-G-D-A-E    € 1.650
T-4 String Teufels violin 4 String
G-D-A-E    € 1.500
F-5 String C-G-D-A-E    € 1.500
F-4 String G-D-A-E    € 1.320
F-Trad-8 String Eb-Bb-F-C-G-D-A-E    € 2.200
F-Trad-7 String Bb-F-C-G-D-A-E    € 1.980
F-Trad-6 String F-C-G-D-A-E    € 1.760
F-Trad-5 String C-G-D-A-E    € 1.520
F-Trad-4 String G-D-A-E    € 1.300
Fidelius semi-acoustic 4 string natural
G-D-A-E    € 600
HK4 Stag Beetle G-D-A-E € 1.500
HK5 Stag Beetle C-G-D-A-E € 1.700
HK6 Stag Beetle F-C-G-D-A-E € 1.900



All instruments can be sent worldwide by courier in a specially made safety package.
Courier costs are not included in the price.
Each instrument sale includes a deluxe hard case.
All prices subject to change.

Name Play Size Duration
Autumn Leaves

3.1 MB 3:22 min
Besame Mucho

3.2 MB 3:28 min
Daydream Tune

3.3 MB 3:37 min
Distant Voice

3.9 MB 4:14 min

Hand crafted instruments for the Professional musician!


Fidelius electric violins are individually handcrafted, 
designed and produced by instrument maker and violinist Ulrich Schwabe.

30 years of performing as a professional musician, playing in many bands from chamber orchestras to rock bands has given him the pedigree needed to provide an instrument suitable for all stage performers. Combining cutting edge ceramic technology with traditional instrument making. Fidelius provides a robust, sturdy, high performance electric violin, which suits all needs of the professional musician.

With over 25 years experience in instrument making and his own research into sound amplification Ulrich Schwabe has developed his own transducer design. This pick-up system provides great warmth, clarity and sound quality to all of the Fidelius electric instruments. The bridge transducer delivers a very strong and balanced signal without the need for pre-amplification, it can give your performances a real kick.

Fidelius offers a range of 4, 5, 6, 7 and even 8 string electric violins, violas, and 4 or 5 string Celli. They are individually hand made to classical dimensions providing a comfortable and familiar feel for the established musician.

All Fidelius instruments are constructed with a solid poplar wood frame laminated with walnut as standard, this gives superior strength and rigidity whilst retaining lightness and ease of playability.

There are a great choice of finishes from natural wood stains to vibrant colours including metallic paints. The high gloss spray finish, which is standard, provides you with a highly effective and tough surface which deals easily with the daily rigours of a professional instrument.