HK4-octave, HK4, HK5 & HK6 "Stag Beetle" Models 

Custom built with pre-amp


HK6 HK5 HK4Oct Hk4 Dark1 Hk4 Dark4 Hk4 Light1 Hk4 Light2



F-Trad 6 Model 

Custom built with pre-amp

F Trad 6 pre amp hed F Trad 6 pre amp  



Left-hand T-4

Custom build left hand T-4. Any of my models can be produced for the left hand player.

T4 left 1t4 left 4



Devils fiddle

Devils fiddle with carved devils haed, Any other kind of head is possible to be carved on any Fidelius model.


TH6 1th5 custom headth5 custom head 3




F-Trad.-5 custom

F-Trad-5 with carved traditionell scroll.




 F-Trad-4 (7/8th Scale)

Custom 7/8th FTrad4 Custom 7 8ths FTrad4 Custom 7 8ths FTrad4


F-Trad-8 "Octopus"

Custom made inlays for a personal touch.


Octopussy1 Octopussy2 Octopussy4


octopussyoctopussy z